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Printer scam, how to choose the correct flat-panel printers

by:Enkong     2021-01-11
Now is a network era, believes that many customers at the beginning of the choose and buy the uv printer will go online to check some relevant reference, but don't know, not a check out online with bad news, 'uv printer fraud', 'flat-panel printers scam' 'uv universal printer scam' and so on a series of news. Believe that have seen the news information, will certainly faint doubt for this industry, full of doubt. Whether the industry cheater a lot, all is false? Want to invest in this industry is a mistake? Manufacturer so much, how do you tell a fake? And so on a series of problems. = note r&d uv = below, let me take you to analyze well reveal the flat-panel printers inline scam. As tablet printer continuously expand the market, from a few years ago a handful of manufacturers to do the uv printer now, the growth of more than 2000, can be said to be a fountain of blowout growth. Because there is no a related authority for certification plate printer manufacturer. This is also the cause of uv printer market turmoil now! Some manufacturers in order to obtain wider profit, some old epson nozzle directly used for production, a modified manufacturing uv flat-panel printers, and then sell at a low price, leading to the market price is chaotic, many just into the client because they don't understand keen on gaining petty advantages to buy the uv printer, use problems soon, after-sales maintenance to keep pace with, lost cost! It also led to a lot of people lost confidence in the industry! There are some manufacturers only sell machines to earn a sum of money, 'expanding agent area, let the agent with a manufacturer of equipment, affix agents registered brand, foreign declaring tablet printer manufacturers, these agents because do not have mechanical assembly, such as after-sales maintenance services, communicate with customers is not in time led to many customers mistrust of the many tablet printer manufacturers! What's more, some merchants by recycling second-hand uv flat-panel printers, purchasing some new parts and components, and then external publicity uv flat-panel printers manufacturers sell new uv printer. All of above is more a scam in the industry. So when choosing a flat plate printer, always alert to the above mentioned problems, many of these things as long as you carefully to find out! To the choose and buy low price temptation to hold enough to think rationally, the price is not the only consideration of machinery and equipment, many clients when it comes to price swayed at all didn't go to consider what is best for their own products, does not consider the use of the machine cost and the efficiency of machines and sometimes for a low price give up the good faith service enterprise and product, this can't say it's a mistake, more is a kind of regret! Printing technology has also met such examples, some similar factories customers dealers in communication with the original manufacturer even hopeless, will actively seek our help, ask about these solutions!
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