Precautions when purchasing an automatic loading table

by:Enkong     2022-07-12

When some of our buyers need to buy an automatic film loading table, they will actually be very worried. They are afraid of buying poor quality or expensive ones. The editor has sorted out some precautions when purchasing.

In fact, for the purchase of the automatic glass loading table, we need to have an understanding of our own needs first. We need to choose our own automatic glass loading machine according to the actual situation of our own enterprise. , In addition, the model of it should also be based on its own needs. We also need to consider what kind of glass is being cut, including the layout of our space and venue, etc. These are all important and not to waste our machinery.

In addition, we also need to look at the accuracy of the film. We don't just look at the manual and the introduction of the manufacturer. We need to choose according to the needs of our own enterprises. Now the data provided by many manufacturers are not very accurate. Yes, we still need to go to the actual manufacturer to investigate, so as to decide what kind of automatic chip loader we need to buy.

After we receive the automatic loading table after purchase, we need to check some of its appearance and parts. If there is any damage or damage, we need to deal with it in time, and we need to contact the manufacturer. make contact.

After debugging according to the instructions, after learning the operation, we can conduct a trial run, and the trial run time should be kept for a few days as much as possible, in order to prevent errors in the later work.

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