Precautions for the use of various glass edging machines

by:Enkong     2022-01-16

Precautions for the use of various glass edging machines. At present, the glass edging machines on the market are: straight line edging machine, special-shaped edging machine, etc.; different glass edging machines have different functions and characteristics, each The edging machine corresponds to their respective customer groups. After long-term use, it has been found that different glass edging machines have different characteristics. We should also pay attention to some precautions in the daily use process, so that the use of the machine can be greatly improved Longevity and work efficiency. Matters needing attention when using the special-shaped edging machine:

1. Whether the position of the suction cup of the special-shaped edging machine on the worktable is consistent has a greater impact on the grinding quality. During general assembly, the manufacturer will conduct self-grinding tests on these five sets of suction cup holders, and will select a certain thickness of the suction cup glue to keep the position of the suction cups consistent. Under normal circumstances, we do not disassemble the suction cups. If the suction cup glue is damaged, be sure to replace it with a suitable thickness.

2. After the vacuum pump of the special-shaped glass edging machine is used for a period of time, the vacuum will drop due to water loss and other reasons, so it is necessary to troubleshoot, otherwise, the machine will be attractive Working under insufficient conditions will affect the grinding quality due to the heavy burden on the one hand, and it is also prone to safety accidents.

Matters needing attention when using the linear edging machine:

The working methods of the linear edging machine and other edging machines with the same principle, including the special-shaped machine, are the same. After pressing the glass through the front and rear pressure plates, the glass is driven to make it move in a straight line for grinding. But we must pay attention in use: because the front and rear pressure plate and the guide rail joint surface should be often lubricated and scrubbed with oil, otherwise it will affect the life of the machine due to the premature wear of the front and rear pressure plate and the guide rail working surface. Although some models have automatic lubrication devices, we must always check whether the lubrication pipeline is unblocked; the clamping force must be appropriate when pressing the glass. Generally speaking, we need to use a slightly larger glass clamp to test on the machine. The specifics are: first place the glass clamp in the middle of the machine, and then use both hands to force the glass when the machine is stopped, and feel that the down pressure is adjusted to just right. Best when you can't move your hands.

The above are some precautions in the use of the two glass edging machines. Please use the staff to see clearly.

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