Precautions for efficient operation of glass edging machine on stone

by:Enkong     2022-07-18

The new type relates to the field of stone grinding and polishing machines. It is a fully automatic glass edger that can process high-quality products in an assembly line. It is applied to stone to improve the processing efficiency and yield of high-grade stone and reduce processing costs.

A set of edge grinding heads with roughness from coarse to fine grind the stone in turn, which can complete the process from rough grinding, fine grinding to fine grinding at one time. The edge grinding head and the conveying direction of the stone form a certain angle to prevent the stone from being in In the process of conveying, the side of the edge grinding head is encountered and the angle is chipped, which ensures the grinding quality, and the principle of processing stone with a glass edge grinding machine is the same.

The structure includes a transmission mechanism with an input direction and an output direction, a grinding mechanism and a power mechanism, the grinding mechanism includes a set of edge grinding heads driven by the power mechanism in an upward direction, and the edge grinding heads are from coarse to fine in roughness. Arranged in sequence from the input direction to the output direction, each edge grinding head forms a certain angle with the conveying direction of the stone.

How can the glass edging machine improve the daily efficient operation of the glass engraving machine and reduce related mechanical failures? The efficient operation of mechanical equipment, with less failure rate, can not only reduce the operating cost of the enterprise to a certain extent, but also improve to a certain extent. The economic benefits of the enterprise, then, how to operate the glass edging machine? I believe that many glass engraving machine users are not very familiar with it. .

Precautions for efficient operation of daily glass engraving machine.

1. From the perspective of equipment manufacturing, the factors that can lead to mechanical problems in glass engraving machines are mainly factors in the manufacturing process of the equipment. Because some small glass engraving machine manufacturers have no relevant research strength, and for The manufacturing quality of mechanical equipment is not very important, which leads to related problems in the design process of the equipment. For example, the process manufacturing conditions cannot meet the design requirements, and the equipment fails due to various failures, such as cracks in the forging process and welding process. The lack of penetration, hot and cold crack casting constitutes looseness, slag inclusion, unsuitable dimensional tolerances and surface roughness of machining, heat treatment process defects, such as quenching cracking, tempering embrittlement, structural defects of hardened surface, insufficient hardness, Hardened layer is too thin, finishing grinding cracks, etc.

2. Material factors, the materials used in the parts of the equipment do not meet the technical conditions, and the internal defects of the material are essentially the source of internal stress concentration. Under the action of external loads, the material defects of glass glass edging machine manufacturers show high stress and cause some kind of failure. The failure caused by the material may be due to improper design and selection of materials, or defects in the process of cold and hot processing (especially heat treatment) of the blank, and due to improper installation and debugging.

3. The factors of operation and maintenance, the first is to monitor the operating conditions parameters (load, speed, etc.) to see if they meet the specified requirements. In addition, the lubrication conditions are also an important factor. The lubrication conditions usually include: lubricants and Whether the lubrication method is selected properly, and whether the lubrication device and the cooling, heating and filtering system function properly.

Through the above relevant knowledge, we have learned what factors will cause the glass engraving machine to not operate efficiently. Then, in the actual use process, these factors should be avoided. Therefore, the editor here reminds our customers that when choosing a glass engraving machine When installing equipment, you should choose a production enterprise with a comparable scale, and at the same time, you must have an understanding of the production materials of the engraving machine, and in the actual operation, you must also understand some necessary daily operation knowledge, as well as actual daily maintenance and maintenance. Skills, if you want to know more about this aspect, you can pay attention to this website, this website will introduce some maintenance knowledge of various glass machinery and equipment from time to time.

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