Precautions for double-sided glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-16
In the processing of glass products, the main function of the glass edging machine is to flatten the bottom edge of the glass or grind the bottom edge into an arc shape. The correct and reasonable use of the glass edging machine can not only ensure the normal production, but also prolong the life of the machine and increase the production efficiency.  How to use the edge grinding machine correctly? The following points should be noted:    First of all, for all kinds of newly purchased edging machines, be sure to read the instruction manual before using it. After understanding the transmission principle of the machine, the functions of various handles, handwheels, electrical buttons, waterway and airway regulating valves, and mastering the knowledge of machine maintenance, you can operate on the machine. Secondly, the quality of the grinding head of the edging machine has a great influence on the grinding quality of the glass. The position of the grinding head and the moving gap have been adjusted before leaving the factory. Generally, do not move the rest except the forward and backward grinding heads during use. , So as not to affect the grinding quality. In addition, the retreat position of the grinding head is not easy to be too large, otherwise the waterproof cover will be easily damaged, causing water leakage and burning the motor.   In addition, sufficient cooling also has a great influence on the grinding effect. Always check whether the cooling pipeline is blocked. Especially the pipeline of the linear edging machine is easy to be blocked by the bristles, and it is not easy to be noticed after blocking, which will cause insufficient cooling and affect the quality of edging.  Precautions when using the double-side glass edging machine:   1. The double-side edging machine is a higher-grade edging machine. It is best to fix two or three people to operate it to ensure correct operation.   2. When there is an error or failure in the double-side milling procedure, it is best to ask the original manufacturer to send someone to repair and debug it. Under normal circumstances, do not disassemble and repair, so as not to mess up the procedure and cause the production to stop.
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