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Practical features of wire-wound glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-20

The winding type glass glass cutting machine can change the positional relationship between the glass and the cutting microwires by adjusting the front and rear adjustment nuts and the left and right adjustment nuts, thereby improving the cutting accuracy of the glass, reducing the cutting error, reducing the cutting waste, and improving the cutting work efficiency. Reduce cutting work.

Traditional glass is mainly used for architectural lighting. With the increase in the size of building doors and windows, people's requirements for thermal insulation of doors and windows have also increased accordingly. Energy-saving decorative glass can meet this requirement, integrating energy saving. Energy-saving decorative glass usually has a pleasing appearance and color, and also has a special absorption , the ability to transmit and reflect light and heat.

The glass curtain wall of the exterior window of the building can play a significant energy-saving effect and is widely used in various high-rise buildings. The energy-saving decorative glass commonly used in buildings includes heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflecting glass and insulating glass. The demand for glass is increasing, and the types and sizes of glass are also increasing, which puts forward higher requirements for the performance and dimensional accuracy of glass.

The winding type glass glass cutting machine can automatically adjust the left and right positions of the reel to ensure that the cutting microwires are always in the same working plane, thereby improving the flatness of incoming glass cutting. The position adjustment in the front and rear, left and right directions is performed. The cutting device cuts the glass by the action of the cutting microwires on the glass incision, and the cutting microwires are wound on the drum, and the glass is cut with the cutting microwires.

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