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Popularity factors for new glass cutting machines

by:Enkong     2022-06-09

In the existing process, the cutting of rectangular glass is generally carried out in the horizontal and vertical directions. It is more common to cut separately and driven by a hydraulic device, so the whole operation process is very unstable and the efficiency is low. The device will be large, occupy a large area, and consume a large amount. Therefore, there is a need for a glass cutting machine for cutting rectangular glass, which is easy to operate.

The rectangular glass glass cutting machine is mounted on the ceiling by means of a boom, the whole unit is located directly above the glass conveyor belt, it puts the cut glass on the right side of the glass cutting machine, and starts the rotation The motor drives the slider to rotate through the transmission block, because a rectangular connector is connected to the front rotating rod, when the slider rotates, the slider can only move vertically on the slider.

The rectangular glass cutting machine includes two fixed slide rails, horizontal sliders and a transmission device, two fixed slide rails parallel to each other, fixed crane towers at both ends, and hollow sliders at both ends of the slider , A hollow slider can be slidably sleeved on the slider, two fixed slide rails and the installation diagonal are fixed on the diagonal, and the two installation slopes are lifted and lowered.

When the slider rotates in place, the rotating rod will rotate when it moves back and forth in the slider. The spring ensures that the rotating rod moves more smoothly. The trajectory of the slider ensures the left and right sides of the rectangular glass. When running to both ends of the slider, the slider is driven by the rotating rod to move horizontally along the direction of the slide rail to ensure the levelness of the upper and lower sides of the rectangular glass.

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