Points to be paid attention to when the glass cutting machine is put into use

by:Enkong     2022-06-04

The glass manufacturing industry has become a traditional pillar industry of the national economy and an important civilian production industry. It is also an industry with significant international competitive advantages. It plays an important role in prospering the market, expanding exports, absorbing employment, and increasing farmers' income. Today, the editor will introduce the points to be paid attention to when the glass glass cutting machine is put into use.

The glass glass cutting machine is specially designed for flat glass cutting. The traditional glass glass cutting machine is usually fixed on the worktable, and then the glass is cut by the cutting knife. , the glass should be transported down separately, which not only wastes time, but also inefficient, the cut glass will be scattered around, which will be troublesome in the subsequent cleaning process.

The utility model is characterized in that it includes a water storage tank, the water storage tank is connected with the rectangular box body on the symmetrical inner wall of the water storage tank, the two rectangular boxes are symmetrical in a straight line, the lower ends of the two rectangular boxes are provided with openings, and the rectangular The opening of the box body is connected with the liquid storage tank.

Two connecting rods and a sliding rod are connected on both sides of each rectangular box. The sliding rod is covered with a sliding tool rest. The sliding tool rest is connected with a hydraulic cylinder parallel to the horizontal plane. The telescopic rod is worn, and the gap between the rollers is connected with the tool.

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