Points for Attention in the Purchase of Glass Double-side Mill

by:Enkong     2021-04-06

The edging glass processing equipment has linear type and special-shaped type. Later, it directly refers to the glass special-shaped edging machine. The former has a straight-line glass single-side edging machine and a straight-line double-side edging machine. With the maturity of technology, the trend of homogenization of glass straight-line single-side edging machine becomes more and more serious, and the difference becomes less and less. It's just that the quality management of individual manufacturers is unstable, and the stability of their products needs to be improved. It's just that the glass double-sided edging machine factories have eight immortals across the sea, each showing their magical powers, and the quality varies greatly. Consumers who buy a glass double-sided edging machine should strive to see clearly, otherwise it is easy to bring more sub-heavy losses because of the pleasure of pursuing low prices. Let’s talk about my own knowledge of glass double edging machine, I hope it can help friends who buy glass double edging machine:

Let me talk about two principles: one is that the structure is as simple as possible, and the other is The problems of the glass edging machine are all in the moving parts.

The first is to see whether the structure design of the glass double-sided edging machine is reasonable. The structure of the glass double edging machine is the foundation. Without a scientific and reasonable structural design, everything else is useless. So how to judge whether the structural design of the glass edging machine is scientific and reasonable? Let us analyze which structural systems the glass double edging machine consists of, and then discuss the scientific and reasonable judgment standard for the structure of the glass double edging machine. One is the opening and closing system. It refers to the movement and supporting structure of the movable edge of the glass double-sided edging machine. At present, the movement system of the movable edge of the glass edging machine is generally a double linear guide and double ball screw structure. This structure is the same for all glass machinery manufacturers, and there is no difference between everyone, so let's not talk about it. The focus is on the supporting structure of the movable edge of the glass double edging machine: the supporting structure of the movable side of the glass double edging machine of some glass machinery manufacturers is still a unilateral independent supporting structure. With this structure, the pressure of the movable edge of the glass double edging machine on the linear guide rail is transmitted from one side to the guide rail slider through the supporting bracket, and unilateral pressure is generated on the guide rail. In this way, for the two linear guide rails, the pressure is separated and independent; for a single guide rail, the pressure is not parallel. For the glass double-sided grinding machine produced by Glaive Glass Machinery Co., Ltd., the movable side opening and closing system also adopts a double linear guide and double ball screw structure. In this way, the pressure on the guide rail and the base is balanced and parallel. Its stability and protection of the guide rail, sliding block and base achieve the best effect. The second is the glass conveying system. The glass conveying system focuses on the glass conveying joist, compression beam and compression beam lifting frame, belt drive gear box and conveying belt. Some manufacturers use hollow welded glass transmission joists, which are easily deformed and corroded. However, most glass machinery manufacturers use solid steel plates. But pay attention to his lifting frame to be thick enough, high precision, and stable lifting. There is better belt synchronization. Especially when using small belts below 30mm. The third is the grinding and polishing system. The order of your investigation is: the installation structure of the grinding wheel, the quality of the grinding head motor, and the stability of the grinding head motor carriage. The inspection criteria are: the grinding wheel cannot be bounced, the grinding head motor cannot be bounced, and the grinding head motor carriage cannot be bounced. This is very professional, and it is hard to explain in a few words: because what kind of grinding wheel installation structure will not jump, what kind of grinding head motor will not jump, what kind of grinding head motor carriage will not jump, non-professional people do not understand watch. The fourth is the glass positioning system. This is related to the accuracy of the diagonal of the glass. The standard is whether it is strong or not. The second is that the machining accuracy of each part should be high. This is only known to glass machinery manufacturers, does the purchaser know it? The third is installation technology. In the same way, only the people of the glass machinery factory know whether the purchaser knows it. The fourth is the accessories used. This is only related to the service life of a single accessory, and has little effect on the performance of the entire glass double-sided edging machine. I believe everyone will watch it.
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