Performance introduction of automatic loading table

by:Enkong     2022-07-14

Through the introduction of advanced technology of imported loaders and continuous innovation, the fully automatic loading table has the advantages of complete specifications, novel appearance, perfect performance, safety and high speed, and is widely used in glass cold processing and processing operations of various glass production lines. Self-loading and unloading equipment is the front end and back end of various glass deep processing equipment such as low production line, mirror line, sandwich line, edge banding machine, etc.

1. It adopts vacuum gas storage system, negative pressure protection, servo drive to automatically measure glass size, and various loading and unloading methods to realize automatic loading and unloading of various specifications of glass.

2. Fully intelligent human-machine interface, which can automatically set various parameters at one time, without repeating it.

3. The perfect process design effectively ensures the safety and stability of the upper film.

4. The film loading efficiency is high, and it can quickly reach 10 seconds/film loading cycle.

The equipment has strong versatility, high speed, high precision, simple operation, high optimization rate and stability It has the characteristics of good performance, complete functions and labor saving.

Its scope of application is:

1. Various glass cutting and loading operations such as construction, hollow doors, household appliances, furniture, solar energy, lenses, handicraft glass, etc.

2. It is suitable for the front and back ends of various glass deep-processing equipment such as coating lines, mirror lines, sandwich lines, edge banding machines, etc.

Through the relevant introduction above, it can be seen that the automatic loading table is still very good. If you need it, you can contact us directly to buy it!

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