Performance and characteristics of glass washing machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-05

The glass glass edging machine uses pneumatic water supply equipment to save water and keep it isolated from the outside world. The glass washing machine is a special equipment for cleaning and drying the glass surface in the pre-processes of the deep processing technology group such as mirror making, vacuum coating, tempering, hot bending, and hollow glass lamination. is mainly composed of transmission system, brushing, clean water washing, pure water washing, cold and hot air drying, electric control system, etc.

is a mechanical product that is often seen in the industrial industry. This kind of glass washing machine is widely used, and it also relies on the many conveniences brought to us by its excellent use quality in the process of use. So what kind of mechanical performance characteristics does the glass washing machine have? Details are as follows:

  The glass washing machine adopts a horizontal horizontal structure in the design process. The temperature controller of the mechanical equipment can adjust the mechanical temperature of the glass washing machine to between 0° and 90°. The cleaning speed of the machine can be adjusted arbitrarily during the use of the machine. The equipment has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and long service life. Therefore, when using the glass washing machine, we feel that the safety is guaranteed, and the performance of the machine is also very good.  Many users who have used glass washing machines have a high evaluation of the machine. They generally say that the machine has a very good use effect in the process of use, and the performance and quality of the machine are guaranteed. So when you use the glass glass edging machine, you can rest assured, without worrying about the poor performance and quality of the machine.
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