Optical fiber laser cutting machine why good?

by:Enkong     2021-05-24
Cutting machine is rarely contact in daily life, the following mechanical optical fiber laser cutting machine cutting machine small make up for you about why good? A lot of customers to the company to buy equipment all say good optical fiber laser cutting machine, but what is good? Many customers have said not to come out. Just listen to what others say, oneself think good also. Yes, good products have good reputation, approved by the market, everyone said yes. Where is the good that optical fiber laser cutting machine? Yi Meike professional laser manufacturer to analyze the following aspects: 1. Cutting speed is fast. 1 mm thick of stainless steel, for example 500 w fiber cutting speed can be up to 12 m/min. The 2000 w reach that level of carbon dioxide. In the sheet cutting, fiber laser cutting machine is in the lead. 2. Processing cost is low. To cut 1 mm stainless steel accumulated 50000 meters of production costs and approximate time period, for example, (1) 2000 w fiber laser cutting machine: 50000 m present 20 m/min present 60 minutes = 41. 7 hours material 5 working days. 41. 7 hours * ( 27. 8 yuan + 70 yuan) Material 4078 yuan; (2) 2000 w co2 laser cutting machine: 50000 m present 6. 5 m/min present 60 minutes = 128. 2 hours and material 16 working days. 128. 2 hours * ( 50. + 5 yuan, 70 yuan) Material 15488 yuan; 3. Low maintenance cost. Because of the fiber laser don't need to use gas to glow, do not need to mirror lenses, such as greatly reduced maintenance costs. 4. The above is the mechanical cutting machine small make up to share the wind why good optical fiber laser cutting machine, want to help you.
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