Operation steps of automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-18
The precise operation steps of the automatic glass cutting machine:      1. Wear gloves, protective glasses and other labor protection supplies for the glass glass cutting machine.     2. Adjust the vertical and horizontal tools to the regular scale, and turn on the power switch.     3. Two people lift the glass to be cut on the cutting table, press the blow button to make the glass float on the table and move freely.     4. After the glass is positioned, press the stop button, and then press the suction device to firmly fix the glass in the specified position to achieve the positioning effect.     5. When the cutting is completed, press the stop button, and then press the blow switch. When the cut complete glass is translated to the flap table (open the blowing motor of the flap table before translation).    6. The glass glass cutting machine divides the small pieces according to the knife mark horizontally and vertically, and the remaining material is placed in the designated position. Stack the small pieces of glass behind the flaps and place them on the glass shelf.     7. Clean the glass cullet on the cutting table and the flap table with a cloth. Glass cutting machine. When using the automatic glass cutting machine, pay attention to checking the glass to be cut before cutting. The appearance should not have white spots and scratches; the first piece can be mass-produced after the first piece is approved (the first row of horizontal and vertical lines is used as the measurement object during measurement. , Do a full inspection if necessary); before lifting the glass, it is necessary to admit that the glass to be lifted has no cracks in itself to avoid the appearance of automatic separation of the glass during lifting. It is best to operate strictly in accordance with the operating instructions of the glass glass cutting machine to ensure the qualification rate of the product and its own safety.
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