Operation process of small linear glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-13

Operating rules for glass straight-line glass edging machine:

1. Operating procedures 1. Turn on the air switch on the electrical box.

2. Adjust the position of the grinding head and rotate the handle on the grinding head seat to make it at the original adjusted working position.

3. Press the button switch 24 to check if there is cooling water.

4. Press the button switch 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 to start the nine grinding heads.

5. Put the glass on the feeding port of the conveyor chain. 6. Press the button switch 26 to start the machine.

7. After grinding, press the 15-27 stop button in turn to stop the machine and turn off the air switch on the electrical box.

2. Precautions

1. The operator must be familiar with the general structure and performance of the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment with super performance.

2. If the equipment is abnormal during work, it should be shut down immediately and repaired by maintenance personnel until it is normal. It is strictly forbidden to run the equipment with diseases.

3. Before finishing get off work, wipe the equipment, cut off the power supply, and clean the environment.

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