Operation Introduction of Rectangular Glass Cutting Machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-21

In the prior art, the cutting of rectangular glass is generally carried out in two directions, horizontal and vertical. More commonly, it is cut separately and driven by hydraulic devices. In this way, the entire operation process is very unstable and the work efficiency is low. , its cutting device will also be very huge, occupy a large area, and consume a lot of electricity, so a small and easy-to-operate glass glass cutting machine that can cut rectangular glass is required.

The entire device of the rectangular glass cutting machine is installed on the ceiling through a boom, directly above the glass conveyor belt, and the cut glass is transported to the glass cutting machine directly below, and the start The rotating motor drives the slider to rotate through the transmission block, because the rectangular joint at the front of the rotating rod is rotationally connected with the slider, and the slider can only move longitudinally on the slider.

When the slider is rotated in place, the rotating rod will rotate as it moves back and forth in the slider, and the spring can ensure that the rotating rod moves more smoothly. The trajectory of the slider ensures the left and right sides of the rectangular glass. When the slider runs to both ends of the sliding rod, it is driven by the rotating rod, and the slider moves horizontally along the direction of the sliding rail to ensure the levelness of the upper and lower sides of the rectangular glass.

The rectangular glass cutting machine includes two fixed slide rails, a transverse slide bar and a transmission device. The two fixed slide rails are parallel to each other, with hanging seats fixed at both ends, and hollow sliders at both ends of the slide bar. , the hollow sliding block is slidably arranged on the sliding rod, the two fixed sliding rails and the installation inclined rod are fixed between the two lifting seats on the upper diagonal, and the inclined plane is installed.

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