Operation guidance of glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2021-03-25

When any machine is in operation, the corresponding things must be checked, so as to ensure that there are no problems or failures during use. This is an aspect that cannot be ignored. The same is true for glass edging machines. , So what are the 9 points of special attention in the operation guide of the glass edging machine? 1. The conversion wheel must be sharpened before processing the product. 2. The grinding amount and the feeding speed should be reasonably matched to avoid damage to the glass. 3. The glass must be lifted from the outside to the inside, not any piece of glass inside. 4. Check the appearance scale and quality of the edging glass, and the unqualified products will not flow into the next process. 5. Special-shaped edging must be processed strictly according to the example or geometrical figure according to the request of the customer, so that the grinding surface is smooth and bright. 6. High-quality glass with high requirements for appearance quality, and requirements for the appearance quality of glass original glass that should exceed or be equal to that of automotive-grade glass. 7. When grinding large sheets of glass, if the layout exceeds 3 square meters, hooks and suction cups must be used. When multiple people lift the glass edge grinding machine, they cannot run, and the walking pace must be different. 8. Grinding amount control: Grinding amount below 8mm <2.5mm, 10-19mm grinding amount <1.5mm; Feeding speed: speed below 8mm <2.5m, speed 10-19mm <1.5m. 9. Glass accumulation after edging: When the specifications (length × width) are not the same, paper barriers (paper about 100 mm × 200 mm or string) must be added at the junction of the sides to prevent the glass from scratching.
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