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Operation automatic glass cutting machine problems and pay attention to the point!

by:Enkong     2021-01-01
In the operation of automatic glass cutting machine, need to wear gloves, safety glasses, etc products, the main protection. And open the power switch at the same time, and check the fuel tank is filled with clean kerosene. After blowing button, the glass will float on the surface of the table, and the ability to move freely. Glass after positioning, of course, need to press the start button, the glass is fixed at the specified position, to achieve the result of positioning. Once the cutting is finished, need to press the stop button, and then press the air switch. Move the chopped glass to the platform. Special attention should be paid to here, before cutting, need to check after cutting the glass appearance. Make sure there is no air bubbles and scratched phenomenon exists. In glass processing production, a very important process, is cutting. Many times, people will use the traditional cutting technology, can satisfy the needs of daily. But with the rapid development of science and technology, high-tech products has entered people's life. Many companies, in particular, in the processing and production, can choose glass cutting machine. Of course, in the use of the device, need to have a clear problem. The overall design flaws, basis is not stable, easy to scratch. In the whole design process, there are a lot of fault movement, resulting in the original production, there will be a lot of substrate. A glass screen at the same time, how to deal with, is also a problem need to face. In daily life, more and more glass is used. Glass coating, in particular, the corresponding quality is better. At this point in the use of surface cleaning, remove hook conductivity. For many operators, glass cutting machine operation, need to master the skills, mainly has the following points. One is pretreatment section, mainly including pre stripping, stripping, table adjustment, etc. In the north, the temperature of the main team should be controlled in 20 degrees Celsius. In the warm-up phase, you need to control time, usually within tens of minutes. Best when arrived in powder spraying room, it is best to use spray artifacts. Finally, the drying stage, finally need to pay attention to the drying temperature, drying time and specific.
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