Operating procedures and precautions for glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-09

Glass cutting machine refers to a kind of processing machinery dedicated to glass processing and blanking. The glass glass cutting machine includes an air-floating sheet feeding table arranged end to end and a double bridge overpass cutting table. The following is a brief introduction The operation process and precautions of the glass glass cutting machine.

1. Operation process:

1. Wear gloves, protective glasses and other labor protection supplies.

2. Adjust the vertical and horizontal tools to the specified size.

3. Turn on the power switch.

4. Two people move the glass to be cut to the designated position.

5. Press the blow button to make the glass float on the desktop and move freely.

6. After the glass is positioned, press the stop button, and then press the suction device to firmly fix the glass at the designated position to achieve the positioning effect.

7. When the cutting is finished, press the stop button, and then press the blow switch.

8. Translate the whole piece of glass that has been cut to the discriminating table (turn on the blower motor of the discriminating table before translation).

9. Divide into small pieces according to the knife mark horizontally and vertically, and place the remaining material on the cutting table.

10. Stack the small pieces of glass neatly according to 100pcs to the plywood superior.

11. Clean the glass grits on the cutting table and the discriminating table with a feather brush.

1 2. Repeat the third to the eleventh item.

2. Note: 1. Before cutting, check the appearance of the glass cut without white spots and scratches. . 2. After the first piece is qualified, it can be mass produced. 3. Before lifting the glass, it must be confirmed that the glass to be lifted has no cracks to avoid the phenomenon of automatic separation of the glass during lifting. 4. Keep the flat surface of the material clean. The employees who operate the machine must wear glasses to avoid hurting their eyes. Keep the water cool at all times.

Three points of machine maintenance and maintenance: 1. Fill the oil tank on the beam of the cutting table before cutting Fully clean the kerosene or cutting aid, and then adjust the corresponding angle cutting on the fuel tank to make the knife box linoleum full of kerosene or cutting aid.

2. The sliding shafts under the longitudinal beams should be appropriately measured before and after use. Cleaning, protection and maintenance. 3. Push the longitudinal beams when working; after returning to the position, push the cross beams to prevent collisions with each other. 4. After cutting the glass, clean the tabletop in time and wipe the transparent film. 5. Do not stack heavy objects, dripping water, oil and other liquids on the tabletop to prevent deformation of the tabletop

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