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On the four pitfalls for bring you out of the glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-26
Glass cutting machine, and other common machinery, along with the advance of science and technology, gradually to the development of automation in recent years, his broad prospects have also been more and more people, more and more enterprises begin to production equipment, when the choose and buy here small make up remind you need to pay attention to the following four important points first. We will see the first cutting speed equipment, of course, on the premise of meet the cutting accuracy about speed, eyes because it is difficult to determine the highest speed, so you can use the cutting machine servo drive and software simulation functions, take a look at the speed of the car can reach the highest, compare the data of various kinds of equipment. In the second. Is also very important, sophisticated equipment, it should choose according to their actual needs, this can't see the product manual and the introduction of the main light detection technology manufacturers, such as: knife wheel control, the adaptability of gear and rack, reasonable design, the level of the control system, and then in the actual measurement of cutting, to fully grasping the mechanical part and control system of synchronous cutting control level. The third is the equipment of the automatic optimization function layout, due to the particularity of their work, general rarely arrangement is highly educated or highly educated people to work, so the requirement to the operation of the cutting machine is simple, and easy to understand, security and stability. Maintenance is simple, to avoid the equipment can't afford to buy the embarrassing situation. Optimization is applied to their own actual situation, not the pursuit of the optimal rate of 100%, can lead to reduce can't break out, low yield, of course, also can't completely according to the manufacturer specification optimization, because domestic phenomenon not only results in the original flat glass cutter knife, a different cut graphics library and more flexible, so it is easy to work. Fourth, simple and convenient equipment maintenance, input and output and mechanical sensor should not be equipped with too much, unnecessary switch and indicator should be as little as possible, because once the mechanical equipment failure will affect the use of cutting machine. The less parts, the design is more simple, the failure probability is lower, the less wiring, the easier it is to find faults and replacement parts. In addition, it is better to debug screen status of various kinds of input and output signals. Maintenance cost is to buy equipment must be a priority for an important factor.
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