Nine key points for special attention in Operation Guidance of glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2019-12-08

Any machine must check the corresponding things when it is working, so as to ensure that there are no problems or faults when it is used.  This is an aspect that cannot be ignored, the same is true for glass edging machines, so what are the key points of the nine special attention in the operation guidance of glass edging machines

 1.  The conversion grinding wheel must be processed after cutting. 

 2.  Between the grinding amount and the feeding speed, it should be reasonably matched to avoid damage to the glass. 

 3.  Take the glass must be taken from the outside to the inside, can not take any piece of glass inside. 

 4.  Stop checking the appearance scale and quality of the polished glass, and unqualified products will not flow into the next process.

 5. Special-shaped edging must be processed according to the customer's request, strictly according to the example or geometry, so that the grinding surface is smooth and bright. 

 6.  For fine glass with high appearance quality, the appearance quality inspection should exceed or equal the appearance quality of the original glass of automobile grade. 

 7.  When grinding large plate glass, the layout exceeds 3 ㎡, and hook lifting and suction cup must be used.  Many people cannot run when lifting the edge grinding machine on the glass, and the walking pace should be different. 

 8.  Grinding quantity control: grinding quantity below 8mm<2. 5mm 10-19mm grinding volume <1. 5mm; Feed speed: Below 8mm, speed <2. 5 m, 10-19mm speed <1. 5 m. 

 9.  Glass accumulation after grinding: When the specification (Chang×Wide) Not together, you must add a paper barrier at the junction of the edge and the Edge (Paper about 100 ㎜ ×200 ㎜ or string)To prevent glass scratches.
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