New flat-panel printers often encountered problem solving

by:Enkong     2021-01-11
Novice operation flat-panel printers will often meet some problems, today small make up will give you answer some common questions, hope to help you. A, the boot process or print command is issued, the middle two how lights flashing at the same time? This is the most common newbie question, roughly: a, when the power is shut, did not notice the platform also outside. Wait for a while, after startup error; B, send the print command, platform also outside. The above two situations, because the UV flat-panel printers platform is not in the initial position. Therefore, must focus on the platform position. C, still have more than one print job in the computer. Solution: start menu - computer - Printers and faxes - - Double-click the printer icon - - Delete all print task d, software set wrong this kind of situation, read the instructions carefully, step by step in the related drawing software set in the correct print options. A sudden stop in 2, printing process, by changing ink light on keypad is a red light, no ink? Lights changing ink is one of the most misunderstood error, a lot of people think, this is UV flat-panel printers ink, need to add ink. 3, the printing process, there is no play, mobile platform suddenly from the word car position, UV flat-panel printers on the keypad without any error. 1. Check whether the USB cable is loose; 2. In control panel to uninstall the printer driver, computer, reinstall; 3. If above all not line, check whether the C disk is insufficient disk space; 4. Try using other computers; 5. Check whether the input voltage is stable. Fourth, the printing process, paper the light is red light. Such an error is mostly caused by print setup error. The printed image size is not greater than the default printer paper size; There is a kind of situation is a platform or collision caused by resistance in the process of the mobile platform can't normal movement, so put the UV flat-panel printers, must be moving to the platform to set aside enough space.
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