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New Development Model of Glass Edger and Precautions for Purchase

by:Enkong     2022-07-19

In the face of today's fierce competition for glass edging machines, the value chain of glass machinery manufacturing enterprises is constantly shortening, and manufacturing enterprises are more focused on their own core competitiveness, and many production and service businesses are outsourced to professional service companies.

For example, due to the increase in the number of equipment, the complexity of equipment technology, and the high maintenance costs caused by equipment self-maintenance, many manufacturing enterprises have outsourced equipment maintenance business to professional maintenance companies or original equipment manufacturers. With the further development of my country's maintenance outsourcing market and the maturity of China's maintenance outsourcing market, equipment maintenance outsourcing has become a development trend. my country's manufacturing enterprises urgently need to break through the inherent thinking, explore new models of equipment maintenance outsourcing, promote the specialization of equipment maintenance, and continuously improve the level of socialization.

Due to the wear and tear of the glass edging machine, the accuracy of the semi-finished products is reduced, resulting in quality accidents in semi-finished products. The displacement of the inspection and calibration tools leads to inspection errors, resulting in quality accidents. The failure of testing equipment results in quality accidents. Unqualified raw and auxiliary materials cause a large number of defective products. Insufficient training, equipment failure due to improper operation, equipment failure due to improper maintenance by maintenance personnel, etc. These are abnormal situations that are often encountered in the production of enterprises. Actively improve measures and correct operation to reduce the loss of glass edging machines for enterprises.

Glass edging machine is one of the earliest and most used mechanical equipment in glass deep processing equipment. In recent years, with the continuous development and expansion of the glass deep processing industry, there are more and more types and specifications of glass edging machines, and With more and more advanced technology and more and more comprehensive functions, among a wide variety of glass edging machines, how to choose the one that suits you, and how to use it correctly and reasonably.

To choose an edging machine, you must first understand the types and characteristics of the edging machine. The main types of glass edging machines are as follows:

1. Single-arm special-shaped edging machine (abbreviated as special-shaped machine or single-arm machine).

It can grind straight edge, round edge, duckbill edge, and bevel edge. It can grind both round workpiece and oval and special-shaped workpiece. Install the mold on the independent suction cup, and use the special-shaped machine to grind it. Some workpieces with irregular shapes have a simple structure and relatively low manufacturing cost, so the price is relatively cheap, and the general domestic machine can be purchased at about 20,000 yuan.

2. Linear glass edging machine.

The linear edger has three characteristics: firstly, it has a relatively single purpose and can only grind various types of straight edges; secondly, it can grind continuously and has high production efficiency; thirdly, it can grind flat glass with larger size.

Straight line edging machine is the edging machine with the most varieties and specifications among all kinds of edging machines. Three edge machines.

3. The mould-based glass edging machine can use the template for accurate positioning, and can precisely grind the straight edge, round edge, duckbill edge, bevel edge, etc. of round or special-shaped glass. The shape of the glass ground by this edger is accurate, The size is uniform and the production efficiency is high. This model is suitable for glass processing with few production varieties but large production batches. When we buy, we must first choose a large production scale, stable product quality, perfect after-sales service system, and credibility. The edging machines produced by higher manufacturers, because the edging machines produced by these manufacturers are higher in price than those produced by small factories, but the quality and after-sales service are much better than those produced by small factories, and they are more reliable to use. Even if there are some technical problems in use, these manufacturers will help you solve them in time. Generally, they are free during the warranty period, and the cost will be charged appropriately after the warranty period. There are many types and quantities of machines, and it is best to choose the same manufacturer, because it is much more convenient for future production, management, maintenance, etc., and because it is purchased in bulk, you can get more in terms of price and service. Concessions, if the requirements for the grinding accuracy of glass products are not too high, you can consider buying edge grinding machines produced by some small factories, which can save the investment in purchasing equipment. Because the price of the machines in small factories is relatively cheap, they can generally be produced by large factories. 10%~20% lower.

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