Multi-functional glass cutting machine using the standard

by:Enkong     2021-01-04
To make glass, when cutting glass is a very important process, at present the low efficiency of cut glass, and the efficiency of manual cutting glass is low, so it is necessary to use to the special equipment, today small make up to introduce the multi-function glass cutting machine using the standard. Including cutting box and multi-function glass cutting machine base, the base is equipped with servo motor, base side is equipped with waste boxes, base, topped with transfer roller, transfer roller on a conveyor belt, cutting in the outer surface of the cutting box is equipped with observation window, nc system and parameter input area, in a box with transverse cutting cutting axis, vertical cutting axis, the axis of rotation, the bottom of the axis of rotation with cutting knife, cut the bottom of the clamping device, cutting box at the top of the lamp. 1 is greater than the width of the conveyor belt conveyor belt 2, the axis of rotation of the range of 0 - 360 °, conveyor belt 1 cross cutting box and contact with conveyor belt 2, observation window for toughened glass, so the strength is good. This multi-functional glass cutting machine can be adjusted through the numerical control system of glass cutting size, can be realized by a shaft and the circular arc cutting and linear cutting, oblique cutting effect, such as manual replacement glass plate, conveyor belt conveyor, auto cutting waste in the garbage collection boxes after can be recycled, reduce the cost and reduce the manpower.
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