Matters to be mastered when purchasing a glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-24

The development of glass cutting machines is deeply influenced by similar foreign products, leading to the phenomenon of complete imitation or partial imitation of cutting machines in the market. Another important factor leading to this pessimistic phenomenon is that the research and development cost of glass machinery is too high. Investment does not always get feedback from research and development. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the matters that should be mastered when purchasing glass cutting machines.

With the increase of labor cost and site rent, glass deep processing enterprises are facing the pressure of increasing fixed production costs, open source and reducing expenses are important, glass processing enterprises mainly rely on increasing orders , Increase production capacity to increase profits.

For machining enterprises, the most important thing is the efficiency of the glass cutting machine, which is helpful for future production, but the purchase of cutting machines cannot only start from the budget and equipment quality, and should refer to the current situation when choosing. There are hardware conditions of the venue.

Before purchasing: First, specify the purchasing budget and the number of cutting machines, then specify the type and cutting requirements of the cutting glass, and specify the site size of the glass cutting machine (a conventional glass cutting machine has a line length of about 18m and a width of about 3.5 m).

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