Matters needing attention when choosing an edger

by:Enkong     2022-07-15

The following points should be paid attention to when choosing an edger. Investigate before purchasing a machine. Before purchasing a certain glass edging machine, it is best to visit several equipment manufacturers. The well-known ones in the industry are Guangdong Yihai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Bojie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Boyu Glass Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Fushan Glass Machinery Co., Ltd., etc. Compare the quality, price, service, etc. of each factory, and you can go further to the peers who have purchased and used similar equipment to learn about the use of some equipment, so that you can know what to do when purchasing. When purchasing the machine, select carefully. It is best to let the manufacturer try to grind several types of glass with different thicknesses and sizes when purchasing the machine. vibration, water leakage, etc.). If there is a problem, the manufacturer should solve it in time or change it. When purchasing new equipment, the relevant personnel in the factory should be selected to participate in the equipment operation training provided by the glass machinery factory, so that they can be operated correctly and maximize the effectiveness of the equipment when used in the future. Sufficient spare parts to ensure production. When purchasing a machine, buy more necessary accessories (such as pressure plate, suction cup glue, waterproof cover and other vulnerable accessories) to eliminate the impact on production due to insufficient spare parts during equipment use.

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