Matters needing attention during operation of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-09
Glass cutting machine refers to a processing machine dedicated to glass processing and blanking. The glass glass cutting machine includes an air-floating sheet-feeding table arranged end to end and a double bridge interchange cutting table. As an improvement, the double bridge overpass cut table is placed between the first straight beam and the second straight beam at the length direction of the upper frame and the third straight beam and the fourth straight beam at the length direction of the lower frame. Equipped with a glass conveying mechanism including a rotating shaft, a number of conveying wheels, a motor, and a belt; the air-floating film feeding table is equipped with a proximity switch connected to the power control circuit of the motor at the end of the length direction of the table to control the opening and closing of the motor. , The upper end of the proximity switch is slightly lower than the table. As a further improvement, the double-bridge interchange type cutting table is provided with two vertical rolling components that block the glass on the first straight beam and the second straight beam, and the four rolling components are arranged in a rectangular shape. In addition, it also has a manual breaking table, and the double bridge overpass cutting table and manual breaking table are arranged end to end. In the normal operation of the glass glass cutting machine, there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to. In addition to the basic cutting speed, cutting thickness and cutting height, the cutting gas also needs to be paid attention to from time to time. In order to improve the cutting quality of the on-site glass glass cutting machine, Shanghai Weihong has summarized several years of experience in glass cutting technology research and development, and summarized a few suggestions as follows: To use an automatic glass cutting machine, you first need to master the cutting nozzle flame, and the key to adjustment is gas. In terms of source, most of the on-site oxygen is supplied by pipelines. The purity and pressure of the oxygen can generally meet the requirements for use. However, most of the fuel gas is supplied in bottles. A bottle of 30 kg of gas is used in a scale of 5 machines and 5 streams. About 2 hours, in this way, the gas source must be replaced midway, which will cause the gas pressure to fluctuate greatly, which directly affects the gas flow and causes abnormal cutting. Bottled gas fluctuates greatly at the beginning and end of the use of each bottle of gas. Warm water heating on site is a good way to deal with it, which can ultimately ensure the stability of the gas source; you can try to correct it on the basis of familiarity with the equipment. The improvement of equipment to improve the effect. This aspect requires careful observation and strengthening of learning and research in daily operations, and mastering many aspects of knowledge. To ensure that the current equipment is in good condition, the operating procedures should be used as the basis for regular inspections of leaks in pipelines and joints, lubrication of bearings, pin holes, etc., cleaning of cutting nozzles, cooling water pipes, etc., to complete some routine procedures Work to ensure normal operation.
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