Manufacturers how to carry on the dust removal for glass edge grinding machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-24
How manufacturer for glass edge grinding machine dust removal. We after long time use glass edge grinding machine, are to be of dust removal for glass edge grinding machine, the following will give you explain how manufacturers of glass edge grinding machine for dust removal. 1. Including the outlet pipe, water jet, scattering baffle and pressurizer, which the port of discharge pipe and water spray nozzle connection, water jet has a small nozzle. 2. Scattering baffles are set in front of the water jet and by adjusting is fixed on the outlet pipe, outlet pipe of the piping installation pressurizer. Adjust the piece is composed of adjusting bolt and a fixed plate, a fixed plate installed on the outlet pipe weeks side, the ends of the fixed plate by adjusting bolt and scattering baffles are connected into one. 3. Pressurizer can be a booster pump or valve, in order to make the water pressure of water pipe outflow water jet mouth formed when high speed water flow, high speed water met in front of the scattering baffles are split into fog droplets, after has the advantages of low cost, strong practicability. Bilateral
glass edge grinding machine profile
the most worthy of popularization in glass machinery glass edge grinding machine is double linear edge grinding machine, at the same time to multiple perspectives on both sides of glass grinding and polishing, can improve work efficiency and enhance the stability of running, convenient for removal and installation of the users, reduces the labor intensity, saving a large amount of energy, has many advantages, such as: continuous double line parallel round edge of flat glass grinding fast; Adopts double straight line guide rail, double high accuracy of the ball screw transmission structure; Glass move the middle bracket light; PLC control, automatic monitoring. Testing, alarm, diagnosis; Frequency control of motor speed control, transfer smoothly; Man-machine interface after setting processing parameters, automatic adjustment. All groups of symmetric grinding head startup and shutdown separately. Polishing wheel automatic compensation, stable polishing effect, less waste of grinding wheel; The whole machine structure is advanced, with famous brand and high precision spare parts, assembly process is excellent, stable performance and easy operation.
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