Making of product glass edge grinding machine combination

by:Enkong     2019-12-09
When adjusting and optimizing the product mix, glass edge grinding machine enterprises can choose the following decisions according to different specific conditions. (I) Expand the combination of glass edging machines and expand the combination of glass edging machines, including expanding the breadth and depth of the product portfolio. Expanding the breadth of the product portfolio of glass edging machines refers to adding one or more product categories to the original product portfolio to expand the scope of products operated by enterprises. Increasing the depth of the product portfolio of glass Edger refers to the addition of new product items to the original product category. When the Enterprise predicts that the sales and profits of the existing product categories are likely to decline in the future, it should immediately consider adding new product categories to the current product portfolio, or strengthen the major categories of products with development potential; When an enterprise intends to increase the characteristics of existing products or prepare to provide products for more market segments, it can add one or several new product items to the original product category. Generally speaking, the advantage of expanding the product portfolio is that it can enable enterprises to make full use of personnel, financial and material resources, disperse operational risks and enhance competitiveness. (II) Reducing the product portfolio of glass edging machines shows that when the market is prosperous, a longer and wider product portfolio will definitely bring more profit opportunities to many enterprises, however, when the market situation is sluggish or the supply of raw materials and energy is tight, the reduction of products by enterprises may increase the total profits. (III) It should be said that every enterprise's products have its specific market positioning, for example,'Xiali' Brand cars are positioned in the low-end car market,'Santana' Brand cars are positioned in the mid-range car market. 'Audi'Brand cars are positioned in the high-end car market. The product extension decision of glass edging machine refers to the company's decision to change the market positioning of the original products in whole or in part.
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