Maintenance knowledge of glass loading table

by:Enkong     2022-07-12

Any mechanical equipment needs maintenance and maintenance, including our glass loading table, as long as we maintain it properly, its service life can be extended.

We need to check the oil volume of the vacuum pump every three months, and we also need to add oil to the lower one-third of the observation port. The vacuum pump has special oil. Do not add other oil products to the vacuum pump.

When there is a rainy season, we need to waterproof and rainproof the glass loading table, because the equipment has been flooded before, resulting in damage to our equipment , resulting in property damage.

For some northern customers, we need to pay attention to the lubricating and refueling temperature of its screw machine, which needs to be between minus 20 degrees and 60 degrees; we also need to check the status of the suction cups once a week, Check it for cracks and leaks.

Once a week, check whether the fixing of each forming switch is loose, and whether the rocker arm of the switch roller is loose; we also need to clean the electrical control cabinet regularly.

The above is the maintenance knowledge of the glass loading table. I hope my article can give you some help and reference value. Customers who need to order glass loading tables can directly contact and consult our company.

Our company's product quality and quality can be completely assured, and we also have after-sales service processes for our products.

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