Main structure and function of horizontal unilateral straight glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-18
Horizontal single-side straight glass glass edging machine belongs to the field of grinder machinery and equipment. It is a precise and efficient glass deep processing equipment. It includes a chassis with a workpiece drive assembly, a grinding assembly, and a circulating water pipeline assembly. Its characteristics The work piece transmission assembly is connected by a gearbox to the upper and lower two rollers with the same speed and reverse rotation. The rollers are wrapped with a timing belt that transports the workpiece to be ground. The grinding assembly contains multiple wheels that drive grinding wheels with different angles. Small motor; the circulating water pipeline is connected to the main pipeline and the branch pipeline of each grinding wheel through the water tank and is recycled into the main water tank; a circuit control panel is installed above the machine. This equipment can fill the gaps in the functions of large and small glass grinding machinery, and is more widely applicable to the grinding and processing of small and medium glass products. The cost of this machine is low, single-phase electricity is used, and the operation is simple. The base, bracket, guide rail frame, motor seat and other key supporting parts are all made of cast iron and processed after natural aging. They have the advantages of smooth, smooth, beautiful and non-deformed appearance, thus ensuring the accuracy of the whole machine after long-term use. Consistent; single worm and double worm gears are used in the transmission and variable speed parts, and the variable speed is uniform and continuous. The speed can be adjusted in a wide range (0-4m/min) to meet the different processing needs of different manufacturers. The clamping part adopts the imported Italian timing belt, and the surface is adhered with PU and red glue, which not only ensures the proper clamping force and friction force, but also solves the problem that the ultra-thin glass is fragile and difficult to clamp and transmit. The grinding system adopts three-phase high-speed motor and the latest technology grinding wheel, which is especially suitable for long-term and large-scale small and medium glass crafts manufacturers.  Adjustable carrying platform, choose the synchronous belt carrying frame that runs synchronously with the clamping rod part, which avoids the surface slippage during the operation of the glass to the greatest extent. The control part and the working part are organically coordinated, people-oriented, highlighting the humanized design. The method of use is simple and clear, and the grinding accuracy is stable and continuous. The whole work process can be monitored through the transparent observation hole, which is clear at a glance. It is the most ideal choice for glass deep processing enterprises, especially glass handicraft manufacturers.
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