Long-term planning of glass edging machine and what are there

by:Enkong     2022-07-17

The long-term planning goal of the glass edging machine is, firstly, the guarantee of technology and production quality, and secondly, the long-term development of the equipment should be planned based on the media and the network combined with the company's own operation. Development of economic indicators.

Based on the long-term goals of the glass glass edging machine, according to the company's annual business goals, combined with the company's production status and characteristics and external environment, the company's requirements for the annual purpose of the equipment, annual policy goals and measures, and then formulate the work of glass machinery and equipment, and The annual glass machinery management equipment maintenance plan and production plan, and the procedures for formulating long-term goals and annual goals for glass machinery and equipment management.

A special long-term plan and short-term plan can also be put forward in the sales investment of glass edging machine, for example, updating technology for enterprise equipment, etc. Glass glass edging machine enterprises also need to make long-term and short-term investment planning development, and only pay attention to glass glass edging machine. The investment in the equipment assets of the edger can realize the optimization of the enterprise asset structure.

Glass processing equipment mainly refers to glass machinery that performs a series of processing on untreated glass to meet the needs of different industries. The more common glass processing technologies in the industry mainly include glass cutting, edging, polishing, lamination, glass Edger drilling, cleaning, etc.

At present, the more common glass processing equipment mainly includes: glass edging machine, laser engraving machine, laminated glass equipment, glass drilling machine, among which the more common mainly include: glass edging machine, glass laminating equipment, glass drilling machine , glass edging machine.

Glass edging machine: .

Glass edging machine is a kind of precise and efficient glass deep processing equipment, which is mainly used for edging and polishing of glass. , has the advantages of flat appearance, smooth, beautiful, non-deformation, etc., thus ensuring the consistent accuracy of the whole machine after long-term use. -4 m/min) to meet the different processing needs of different manufacturers.

The clamping part adopts imported synchronous belt, and the surface is adhered with PU and red glue, which not only ensures the moderate clamping force and friction force, but also solves the problem that ultra-thin glass is fragile and difficult to clamp and convey. The grinding system adopts three-phase high-speed The motor, the latest craft grinding wheel, especially suitable for the long-term use of large batches of small and medium-sized glass handicraft manufacturers, the adjustable bearing platform, the synchronous belt bearing frame that runs synchronously with the clamping rod is selected. Surface slippage during glass operation, the control part and the working part are organically coordinated, people-oriented, highlighting the humanized design, the use method is simple and clear, the grinding accuracy is stable and continuous, and the whole process of the work can be monitored through the transparent observation hole. Indispensable glass processing equipment for glass processing enterprises.

Laminated glass equipment: .

The glass laminating equipment adopts the principle of vacuum, so that the glass in the vacuum bag can be discharged without air bubbles, and the glass is pressurized by atmospheric pressure, and the film is melted under high temperature, so that the laminating materials (such as silk, paper, phase Paper, cloth, spray cloth, etc. and glass are firmly bonded together, so that no autoclave is needed to form a whole, to achieve the purpose of explosion-proof, safety, decorative and practical.

Glass drilling machine: .

It is a machine specially used for standard drilling of glass. The diameter of the drilling hole can be adjusted according to actual needs. The machine base has a large overhang space, which can process large-size glass. The height of the worktable is low and the operation is convenient. The speed is stable, the processing performance is effectively improved, the breakage rate in the process of glass drilling is reduced, and the equipment has high production efficiency, which can be used in mass production and flow operations, and is an indispensable glass processing equipment in glass processing and production.

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