Little knowledge of cabinet door glass edge grinding machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-06
Second, the choice of cabinet door glass edge grinding machine 1, select manufacturers now the cabinet door glass edge grinding machine manufacturer has nearly hundred, of which the scale of production large, stable product quality, perfect after-sales service system, high credibility of the manufacturers only a dozen, we must first choice when buying these cabinet door glass edge grinding machine manufacturers, because the factory production of cabinet door glass edge grinding machine, though the price is higher than small factory production, but the quality and after-sales service is much better than the small factory, comfortable to use. Even if some technical problems in use, the manufacturer will also help you solve in time. Generally are free during the warranty period, guarantee proper charge cost. If the purchased equipment are not satisfied, you can also return or replacement. If the accuracy requirement of the grinding glass products is not too high, can consider to buy a few small factory production of cabinet door glass edge grinding machine. Can save equipment investment, because of the small factory machine price are relatively cheap, generally can be 10% ~ 20% lower than the metal production. If the large glass products processing, more sufficient funds, and high accuracy requirement for glass products, production batch is big, can consider to buy several imported cabinet door glass edge grinding machine. JinKouJi is expensive, but it high machining accuracy, low failure rate, a critical moment can bring advantage. Some manufacturers of imported cabinet door glass edge grinding machine used for more than ten years are still in use, and the machining accuracy is still higher than the domestic machine. So in a sense a JinKouJi is quite cost-effective. 2, types of cabinet door glass edge grinding machine cabinet door glass edge grinding machine is a lot of more phyletic, how to choose it according to the characteristics of the processed products, such as the scale of production to select. Here in round edge machine, for example, can rounded the edge of the cabinet door glass edge grinding machine has shaped machine, straight edge machine, copying machine, bilateral straight round edge machine, etc. How to choose, must be combined with the requirement of the processed products. If the product design process is circular, oval or other special-shaped glass, so can only choose special machine or copying machine ( Due to the linear circular grinding machine are not circular or alien artifacts) 。 If the design product variety and small batch processing, can choose special machine is more appropriate, because of the special machine to replace the product more convenient, the machine price is cheaper. If the design processing of products is small and mass is bigger, chose by touch machine is more appropriate, because copying machine production efficiency is high, and easy to guarantee the machining precision. If the product design process is a rectangle, rectangle glass, only choose linear circular edge machine or linear double round edge machine, Because of the special machine and copying machine generally can't mill line round edge) 。 When the product accuracy is not high, the production batch is not too big, choose the general linear circular edge machine ( Because of its low price) ; If the product accuracy is high, the production batch is bigger also, choose linear double zz circle while machine is more suitable. 3, choose cabinet door glass edge grinding machine (caution 1) Research before upgrade. In buying a certain kind of cabinet door glass edge grinding machine before the best run a few more equipment manufacturers have a look, compare the quality of each plant, price, service, etc, and can be further to the peers with similar equipment has purchased and used, to understand the usage of some equipment, so that we can do the upgrade, some avoid unnecessary regret. ( 2) Upgrade of the fine. After determining equipment manufacturer, the best manufacturers try to grind when upgrade several glass thickness, sizes, in addition to the observation after grinding of glass quality, also to see the machine in the presence of abnormal phenomena during the operation of ( Such as vibration, water, etc. ) 。 If it is found that there is a problem to solve or be transform to manufacturer. ( 3) Seized the opportunity to train workers. Generally larger glass machinery factory will provide free training service operation, therefore, new equipment, should be submitted in the factory the relevant personnel to participate in the training, so that when used in the future, correct operation, maximize utility equipment. ( 4) Note parts to ensure the production. Please refer to buy some necessary accessories ( Such as linking piece, chuck glue, waterproof set of vulnerable parts) To eliminate the equipment used in lack of spare parts affect production.
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