Linear glass edge grinding machine maintenance and maintenance method

by:Enkong     2021-02-24
Linear glass edge grinding machine maintenance and maintenance method, as we all know glass edge grinding machine? The use of glass edge grinding machine is very broad, how the glass edge grinding machine for maintenance do you understand? Let's look at some of the glass edge grinding machine maintenance method. 1, before starting, we should pay attention to monitor the loss of the linear glass edge grinding machine grinding wheel, if necessary, change the grinding wheel, and every time after the replacement of grinding wheel to check the location of the water jet is correct, it should be adjusted. 2, slider, guide to add lubricant, often recommended N32 by mechanical blending machine oil. 3, according to the situation of water quality and requirement about the quality of the product, often clean tank, prevent glass crumbs blocking pipe, water pump. 4, lubrication (1) reducer: first 300 hours after the first operation to replace lubricating oil. After replacement, in addition to the residual oil, work continuously for more than 10 hours a day, replace a piece every three months, every day uninterrupted work 10 small is nobody, replace a piece every six months. When changing, the rotary opening gas cap to refuel. Oil drain, unscrew reducer lower oil drain plug can let out dirty oil, recommended industrial gear oil (no. 150 gb503 - 86) 。 (2) double dovetail for motor bracket, application guide mobile double dovetail plate oil gun, often filling N32 by mechanical blending machine oil keep good lubrication. 5, when the motor does not turn, overload indicator, should open the electric control box, check the motor overload protection device. If thermal relay protection tripping off, about 10 - Automatic reset 20 minutes.
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