Let's talk about glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-15

The glass cutting machine is a process that starts from the deep processing of glass, and it is also a very commonly used process. When cutting with this type of equipment, cutting, film removal and other processes can only be carried out after typesetting. It not only requires that as many workpieces of the required shape be discharged on the original glass sheet as possible to improve the utilization rate of raw materials, but also requires that the typesetting operation is simple and easy to use and easy to use.

Mechanical interactive typesetting is a common and convenient typesetting method when operators perform typesetting and cutting on-site according to work orders. Interactive typesetting is a common and convenient typesetting method when operators perform typesetting and cutting on the spot according to the work order.

This kind of equipment refers to the processing machinery specially used for glass processing and blanking. Including the end-to-end air-floating film feeding table and the double-bridge interchangeable cutting table, as an improvement, the double-bridge flyover cutting table is placed between the straight beam and the second straight beam in the length direction of the upper frame, and the length direction of the lower frame. between the three straight beams and the four straight beams.

The glass glass cutting machine is equipped with a glass conveying mechanism, including a rotating shaft, a plurality of conveying wheels, a motor and a belt; the air flotation film feeding table is provided with a proximity switch at the end of its length direction, which is connected to the power control of the motor. The circuit controls the opening and closing of the motor, and the upper end of the proximity switch is slightly lower than the workbench. As a further improvement, two vertical rolling parts are arranged on the double-bridge flyover cutting table to block the glass on the straight beam and the two straight beams, and the four rolling parts are arranged in a rectangular shape. In addition, manual breaking table, double bridge flyover cutting table and manual breaking table are arranged end-to-end.

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