Laser cutting machine of glass cleaning points three steps!

by:Enkong     2021-05-08
A, lens cleaning ( Recommended daily cleaning lenses before starting work, must be closed equipment) Small make up remind you: glass lens center to the edge of laser cutting machine rotate to wipe. 3 lens and focus lens need to remove from the frame, in the same way to wipe, wipe after need it back. Note: (1) the lens should be wiped gently, not damage the smear layer of the coating ( Metal wood coating lens to be more durable) ; (2) in the process of the clean light to take light put, prevent fall; (3) installing a focusing lens, to ensure that the concave downward. Second, the guide rail cleaning ( Suggest cleaned once every half a month, pay attention to the shutdown operation) : guide and direct axis, as one of the core parts of the equipment, used for guidance and support. In order to guarantee the accuracy of machine tools with high, guide rail, linear guide rail has high orientation precision and good processing quality glass cutting machine, guide rail, linear to conduct routine maintenance work. Three, cleaning: fan fan, use for a long time, can make the fan inside accumulate large amounts of solid dust, can lead to a fan at work will make a big noise, in addition to flavor and is unfavorable to the exhaust. When insufficient suction fan, when the flue gas is not free, turn off the power and take lee on inlet and outlet pipe, remove the dust in the fan, fan reversal, and then pull out the fan blade, until clean, install the fan again.
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