Introduction to the various use standards of the cutter wheel

by:Enkong     2022-07-14

Traditionally, in the process of cutting glass substrates and other brittle material substrates (hereinafter referred to as substrates), the following method is usually used: the cutting wheel is pressed on the surface of the substrate to form a score line, and then the scorer applies external force from the back to bend the substrate, Thereby cutting the unit substrate, today I will tell you the various usage standards of the cutter wheel.

The cutter head used for machining and scoring brittle material substrates uses the following cutter head: The cutter head has a V-shaped tip consisting of two bevels, Two bevels 1 to 4 along the diameter The circumferential surfaces of the
mm circular plates intersect, and there is a bearing hole in the center for installation.

The score line S is formed by the plastic deformation zone, which is the bite mark of the cutting wheel on the surface of the substrate, and the vertical crack generated directly below the plastic deformation zone and penetrating along the thickness direction of the substrate W , producing characteristic marks called ribs within a predetermined depth above the vertical crack.

In the ordinary cutter head, although a beautiful groove surface can be formed when the scribe line is formed, on the other hand, the bite force relative to the surface of the substrate is small, and the cutter tip is easy to slide. , in a grooved cutter wheel with a groove (notch) on the blade edge, the groove and the blade edge (convex surface) are alternately formed.

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