Introduction to the use of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-02

At present, glass cutting is divided into power, divided into automatic glass cutting machine and manual glass cutting machine, automatic equipment is usually used for glass production and processing, with good processing quality, fast efficiency and high cost, the common manual portable is glass cutting Knives, which are small in size and low in cost, are suitable for various processing environments.

The cutting process of the glass glass cutting machine is as follows: clean the surface of the glass to be cut, draw a cutting line on the surface of the glass to be cut, use a ruler as an auxiliary tool, and the operator uses the glass The cutting knife cuts along the cutting line.

The glass glass cutting machine includes a knife holder, a knife holder and a glass cutting knife. The knife holder is fixed on the glass to be cut, and the knife holder is slidably installed on the knife holder. On the knife holder, the cutting end of the glass cutting knife passes through the knife holder.

The upper surface of the tool holder is provided with two parallel slide rails, the bottom end face of the tool holder is provided with pulleys, the pulleys are slidably installed on the parallel slide rails, and a glass cutting knife is installed on the tool holder A through hole, the handle of the glass cutting knife is provided with an external thread, and the glass cutting knife is fixed on the knife holder through the installation through hole.

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