Introduction to the use of automatic cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-13

When operating a fully automatic glass cutting machine, first turn on the power and set the size to be cut. Two people put the glass to be cut on the machine, press the blowing button to fix the glass in the designated position, and the machine cuts automatically. After the cutting is completed, press the stop button, then press the blow switch, and then clean the cutting table with a cloth to remove broken glass.

You can also unplug your computer before connecting it to your computer. When plugging and unplugging the control card and other devices, the power must be unplugged first. For safety, the computer or glass cutter enclosure must be grounded. Please turn off the power in time when the machine is not working, and unplug the power when not in use for a long time.

Turn on the power, perform a zeroing operation, and try each function manually. When loading graphics, make sure that the loaded graphics are within the cutting range.

Before construction, check the glass to be operated to ensure that the glass surface is free of white spots and scratches. When you click to start cutting, make sure there is no one next to you. After cutting is complete, perform the emergency stop operation again. After use, the countertop should be cleaned in time to avoid scratching the glass.

In addition to keeping a clear head when the automatic cutting machine is running, it also needs to be fully immersed in water for the power tool to work properly. Fatigue, drinking alcohol, taking stimulants, and post-operating the paper cutter are strictly prohibited. The power cord must be safe and reliable. Unauthorized pulling is strictly prohibited. Place the power cord carefully to avoid cuts.

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