Introduction to the operation mode of the glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-25

When processing glass, tubular glass should be cut. This operation is usually done directly with glass cutting sheets, but the use of the machine is also indispensable. Today, I will introduce the operation mode of the glass glass cutting machine.

The tubular glass glass cutting machine includes an upper clamp and a lower clamp. The nut is fixed, the top of the bolt is provided with a caliper, and the upper clamp and the lower clamp are respectively provided with circular arcs.

A plurality of rolling bearings are installed on the holder along the arc and then along the lower arc. A cutting piece is installed in the center of the circular arc of the holder. The cutting piece is fixed on the connecting plate, and the connecting plate slides On the gripper, the master tongs are attached to the pin connection plate, which can move when the caliper is pulled.

The upper clip arc is opposite to the lower clip arc opening, the size and shape are the same, the rolling bearing protrudes from the arc surface, the structure is simple, the carrying is convenient, and the cutting success rate is high. If you want to know more, welcome Inquire.

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