Introduction to the industrial use of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-29

The production of glass also needs to go through processes such as cutting, edging and cleaning. When cutting glass, it is generally necessary to manually or mechanically place the glass on the conveyor, and then the conveyor will transport the glass to the glass cutting machine. On the stage, today I will introduce the industrial use of glass cutting machines.

The glass glass cutting machine includes a conveyor frame and an adjacent cutting machine, the cutting machine includes a worktable parallel to the conveyor belt, a gantry spanning the worktable, and a Cutting device for horizontal displacement of the gantry.

The transmission frame includes a square frame, a support frame for supporting the frame, a number of rollers installed on the frame and a motor for driving the rollers to rotate, which is characterized in that: a movable roller is characterized by being installed in a movable roller. On a moving frame, multiple balls are evenly distributed on top of the moving frame.

Multiple rows of movable feet are fixed under the movable frame, and the movable feet are slidably sleeved on the guide seat of the support frame. Each movable foot corresponds to a swing rod, and one end of the same row of swing rods is connected to Together, the other end of the same linear rod is hinged to the support frame.

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