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Introduction to the glass edge grinding machine using matters needing attention

by:Enkong     2021-04-03
Introduction to the glass edge grinding machine using considerations, the choice of glass edge grinding machine in mesa, ought to facilitate cleaning, and good wear resistance; Good after-sales service; Maintenance application soft fabric stained with neutral detergent scrub fully, and then use clean cloth to wipe dry. Scope of the glass edge grinding machine is suitable for shallow of

glass edge grinding machine is analysed suitable range, glass edge grinding machine is mainly suitable for furniture glass and architectural glass and process glass processing, is a deep processing of glass machinery equipment produced in the earliest one of the largest cold working equipment and dosage. Mainly used for ordinary flat glass bottom edge grinding and chamfering, polishing. Generally have a manual, digital control and the PLC computer control, configuration. Reasonable operation, daily cleaning lubrication and maintenance, can guarantee the machine working normally, prolong mechanical life, improve the processing and production.
introduction to the glass edge grinding machine use points
introduction to glass machinery equipment normal use of a few key points, for the use of glass edge grinding machine should be carried out during mechanism, operating credit use equipment, to observe the safety operation procedures. Always maintain a clean and tidy glass edge grinding machine equipment, gas by the regulation, to ensure reasonable lubrication, observe handing-over system, managing tools and accessories, shall not be lost. Found abnormal immediately stop check, the operator can't handle shall timely notify the relevant personnel to check the problem of processing. Also the glass edge grinding machine equipment for routine check, record seriously, come on, do shift correct lubrication, after cleaning, wipe and oil in a timely manner. Mind glass edge grinding machine accessories. Transferred or replacement equipment operation, equipment and the complete attachment to hand over formalities. Seriously implement the system of succession, complete hand-over records.
introduction to glass processing industry more and more high to the requirement of equipment
introduction to glass processing industry more and more high to the requirement of equipment, in recent years our country gave a lot of glass machinery industry policy support, makes the Chinese machine tool enterprises dare in the high-end market. In practice, glass machinery industry in our country is not a lack of high-end technology, it's not so lack of high-end equipment, if it is to import glass machinery is still the cause of the exclusive high-end market due to capacity and technical level. Since last year, we demand a slowdown in China's glass machinery industry trends, many glass machinery enterprises have felt it. With the transformation and upgrading of the national economy in our country, the needs of the pre-industrial explosive increase of glass processing industry of equipment level and the quality requirements will be more and more high, will certainly become a high-end glass edge grinding machine market in China where everybody for the strategic high ground.
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