Introduction to the composition of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-27

The glass cutting machine has a very good effect in the application. It is composed of automatic intelligent glass feeding machine, automatic CNC glass cutting machine and automatic crusher. After rapid technological update, adopting international new technology and processing technology, the performance of domestic loaders has been improved in many aspects, and the factors such as incomplete functions and unstable performance of cutting machines have also been solved.

Developed a fully automatic glass cutting production line with advanced level. The technical indicators and parameters of this equipment have exceeded similar foreign equipment. This machine can completely replace imported equipment and break the long-term monopoly of imported cutting machines in the Chinese market.

The advanced mechanical structure is equipped with imported control system and cutting optimization software, which greatly improves the cutting quality and cutting rate of broken glass, creates a high-quality automatic cutting line in China, and realizes automatic glass feeding/automatic transmission. /Automatic positioning/Automatic optimization/Automatic cutting, automatic crushing operation.

The glass glass cutting machine has the characteristics of high safety, high speed, high precision, simple operation, high optimization rate, good stability, complete functions and labor saving. It is suitable for glass cutting operations such as construction, coatings, automobiles, home appliances, furniture, solar energy, kitchen utensils, bathrooms, lenses, handicraft glass, etc.

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