Introduction to the characteristics of glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2021-03-24

Glass edging machine is one of the earliest and largest amount of mechanical equipment in glass deep processing equipment. Its product characteristics: Glass multi-stage edge grinding machine ZM9325-45° is based on the glass straight edge machine ZM9325, which adds the function of multi-stage edge grinding. The front chamfering grinding head can be electrically driven between 45° and 90° Switch to realize the processing of the level edge, the bottom edge and the rear 45° chamfer at one time, so that the straight edge and the multi-level edge can be processed in one time.

Main features:

The base, beam, grinding head base, etc. are high-quality castings that are strong and stable, and the square beam will never be deformed; the grinding head motor adopts the 'New East Asia' brand high-grade special motor ; 2.2KW Jiali wide-range speed governor, Jiali worm gear box, longer transmission; conveyor chain transmission; thick square tube rack can carry original thick glass processing; grinding wheel is super sharp, OasisNew, bottom throw is imported 10S40 , CE3 or SD001 polished, the effect is as bright as a mirror; the oil pump lubricates the grinding seat slide plate function to easily adjust the grinding head up and down; the ordinary straight edge machine function plus the multi-stage edge function, the glass edging machine can be adjusted at will from 45° to 90° .

Some precautions for starting the glass edging machine

1. Check the equipment before starting work, the glass edging machine must be in normal condition. 2. Operators must wear gloves and masks or dust-proof equipment. Doors and windows in the work area should be closed to prevent silica dust from escaping. The ventilation and dust removal device must be intact and effective. 3. Precautions for the inspection of the glass edging machine before working: (1) The compression nut of the grinding wheel must not be loose;

(2) The grinding wheel must not have cracks;

(3) Safety The cover is fully assembled and reliable; (4) The front and rear, up and down transmission handles are flexible in operation, and there is no noise during operation. 4. When the steel plate is edging, the adjustment size of the grinding wheel should be strictly controlled, and the grinding amount should not be too large at a time, so as to avoid the steel plate being worn out and the grinding wheel broken. 5. If the glass edging machine fails during edging, such as the steel plate is stuck, the main switch should be turned off immediately, and the steel plate should be taken out after stopping. 6. During production, always pay attention to check whether the motor generates heat and runs abnormally. 7. Stack steel plates (especially cold-rolled plates and oil plates) neatly, not skewed, not higher than 1.2 meters, and collide with each other to avoid slipping and hurting people. 8. Feeding and transporting steel plates should be held firmly and upright, and should not be littered, so as not to injure people. 9. When the ventilation and dust removal device fails, stop working or take measures. 10. After the work is finished, close the switch and do a good job of cleaning. The article is organized and provided by: Glass Edger www..com Co., Ltd. The views in this article do not represent the views of this site
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