Introduction to the application of glass washing machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-27
The super audio frequency electrical signal generated by the ultrasonic generator of the ultrasonic cleaner is converted into the mechanical vibration of the same frequency through the piezoelectric inversion effect of the transducer, and radiates intensively forward in the cleaning solution in the form of super audio frequency longitudinal wave (super audio frequency). Longitudinal waves propagate alternately in the negative pressure zone and the positive pressure zone), producing tens of thousands of small bubbles that cyclically 'blast'. It is these bubbles that form and grow in the negative pressure zone. They close quickly in the positive pressure zone and burst instantly. The small parts of the surface, gap, and space of the cleaned object form a high-pressure bombardment to achieve the cleaning effect, causing the dirt to peel off quickly (this is the unique 'cavitation' effect of ultrasonic cleaners), so that the cleaned surface can achieve the purpose of cleaning and purifying. The glass washing machine includes a stainless steel shell, a transfer wheel, a rubber roller, a brush, a transfer bracket, and an electric control box. The side glass entrance of the stainless steel shell is equipped with guide wheels, and the transfer bracket is equipped with several supporting wheels. There are several groups of conveying wheels arranged in parallel and connected by several linkage plates. The other side of the inner cavity of the washing machine is equipped with a rubber roller. The left side of the rubber roller is equipped with several brushes, and a tuyere is arranged near the glass outlet. Avoiding secondary cleaning, effectively improving the efficiency of product cleaning; using a touch screen operating system, which can monitor equipment operation and equipment failure at any time; equipment installation and debugging are fast and convenient, and the main structure and interior of the cleaning machine are made of stainless steel Material; reduce power consumption, cleaning size up to 32MM. The glass washing machine is a special equipment for cleaning and drying the glass surface in the pre-processes of deep processing such as mirror making, vacuum coating, tempering, hot bending, and hollow sheeting. The glass edging machine is mainly composed of transmission system, brushing, clean water washing, pure water washing, cold and hot air drying, electric control system and so on. According to user needs, the medium and large glass edging machine is also equipped with manual (pneumatic) glass turning trolley and inspection light source systems.

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