Introduction to the application effect of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-23

The glass glass cutting machine consists of two parts: a glass conveyor belt and a workbench. The glass to be cut is sent to the workbench with a blade through a manual conveyor belt for operation. This advantage is that relatively small special-shaped glass can be cut and the glass can be processed into different shapes. The disadvantage is that when cutting glass into a special shape, a special mold is required, and the manual operation itself is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and mass production cannot be achieved.

The semi-automatic type is roughly the same as the manual operation, except that a semi-automatic button operation device is added to the equipment. Although it is still mainly used for cutting special-shaped glass, it is necessary to make a special mold in advance according to the shape of the glass, but the size of the glass that can be processed is larger than that of manual glass. And because the kinetic energy method of pneumatic and motor is adopted, a lot of manpower is saved, and the production efficiency is much higher than that of manual operation.

The automatic type goes one step further than the semi-automatic glass. It consists of a base frame mechanism, a beam mechanism, a glass processing table, a cutter head mechanism, a conveying mechanism, a mechanical positioning mechanism, an electrical control system, etc., with a complex structure.

Its processing method is controlled by the computer software equipped with the machine, drawing directly, and then performing operations. In this way, it is possible to set in advance whether to make square, round or special-shaped glass through the computer without making a mold in advance.

This advanced glass glass cutting machine operates in a production line mode. In addition to the feeding table, computer cutting machine, and crusher, this model also has a feeding table. The whole process of the assembly line is controlled by computer, with a high degree of automation and long adaptation time, and a large number of glass products can be operated more conveniently.

In the past few decades, glass processing machines production has increased because of the use of glass machine.
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