Introduction to install glass cutting machine should pay attention to which a few points

by:Enkong     2021-04-04
Introduction to install glass cutting machine should pay attention to which a few points, glass cutting machine in our life are more susceptible to everyone but there are a lot of glass cutting machine of choose and buy friends don't know the correct installation method, often appear a little error, small surface will introduce some matters needing attention in the process of glass cutting machine has been installed. First, automatic glass cutting machine equipment installation places inaccessible flammable objects, please don't put the device in weight or connection cabinets, control cabinet and so on the edge of clutter. The second, not professional staff automatic glass cutting machine is forbidden to change the automatic glass cutting machine control cabinet, junction box, vigour, terminals and wires. This not only causes the electrical damage, and sometimes cause personal injury. Third, in the mobile automatic glass cutting machine main control cabinet, it is necessary to cut the wire and cable, plug in the process of moving to avoid automatic glass cutting machine without earthing grounding line, must be grounded, or it will cause electric shock, and should be carried out correctly wiring, otherwise may cause injury or defect. More than just to small make up to you about the installation of glass cutting machine matters needing attention, all of us at the time of installation to be note that the above information is in the process of installation of glass cutting machine should pay attention to what time, remember this time, can reduce a lot of glass cutting machine is out of order.
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