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Introduction to glass straight line edging machine operation process

by:Enkong     2021-04-03
Introduction to glass straight line edging machine operation process, the glass edge grinding machine is now glass deep processing of one of the largest machinery and equipment, mainly is suitable for the glass polishing, cutting, grinding all kinds of special shape, the correct operation of glass edge grinding machine, can not only ensure the machine can normal operation of production process at the same time also have the effect of prolong the life of the machine, and can get to provide precision machining products. Just below the glass double round edge linear edge grinding machine with all of you to do a simple introduction, hope to be of help. The first boot boot check before work. 1: the boot if any of machinery and equipment maintenance. If there's any object prevents the normal running of the equipment. Transformers 2: check the glass edge grinding machine of wheel groove position, whether within the normal range. 3: check whether the belt transmission is normal, glass guide wheel, as well as the transmission roller device is in good shape. 4: check the pipe or valve if there is a leak phenomenon, whether the water level of tank within the prescribed scope of such a machine. 5: to check whether this kind of machine switch button is intact, travel switch is still the same as a flexible and reliable, etc. The second boot after operation requirements. 1: according to the requirement of the to the processing of glass, continue to adjust the height of the grinding wheel. And the depth of the cutting, make all conform to the requirement of glass edge grinding, if so you can continue to the glass edge grinding processing. 2: manual control devices of the transmission belt on both sides of the distance, to adjust the height of the grinding wheel, and the machining depth of the workpiece. 3: according to the actual requirements of glass processing customers, touch screen, at the same time the operation of the Settings icon to enter the meeting, to carry on the corresponding input to the requirement of processing machinery. Third glass double round edge linear edge grinding machine must be well maintained after use, keep the machine clean, can guarantee the quality of machining workpiece, appropriately can also extend the service life of the machine.
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