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Introduction to glass cleaner technology operation as a whole

by:Enkong     2021-05-20
Glass cleaner overall lifting adjusting device includes a channel steel frame, fixed on the slider rail, rail under fixed slider, fixed slider shaft gear, the slider bearing adjustment screw, pressure springs, cleaning roller, the slider bearing seat and the slide block bearing seat, by means of integral lifting adjustment, adjust the advantages of cleaning roller lifting work. This technology overcomes the original cleaning machine lift regulating work complex problem such as large, effort, time, reduce the cost of cleaning, greatly improving the economic efficiency, reduces the labor costs of cleaning glass, increase the efficiency of cleaning machine, the cleaning roller spacing, improve the quality of the glass cleaning and cleaning roller life, safe and reliable, convenient adjustment of cleaning roller, is advantageous for the promotion and application. Between pairs of cleaning roller and wind knife of the cavity in the body and is equipped with a pair of scraper relatively elastic plate glass on both sides of upper and lower surface. By pairs of cleaning roller and scraper each side of plate glass surface cleaning and the water is dense uniform elastic scratching, obviously eliminates the existing technology although cleaning still remain in the water damage on the surface of the plate glass on both sides, freeing the people usually take on clean again after the surface of the glass plate on both sides of the brush the drawbacks of the qing dynasty, effectively improve the efficiency of the cleaning products.
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