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Introduction of application technology of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-22

Through the design of the rotating device, the glass cutting machine makes the glass cutting on the glass cutting machine more convenient and simple. Compared with others, it not only improves the work efficiency of the automatic glass cutting machine, but also reduces the hidden danger of safety and effectively prevents the When the operator rotates the glass, the glass edge and fixture design are well scratched, which can prevent it from being placed on the rotating fixed glass and affect the quality of the cut glass. It is easy to use, reduces energy consumption, and improves comprehensive utilization efficiency.

The two sides of the glass cutting machine are fixed with sliding guide rails. The sliding guide rails are equipped with moving beams. The upper middle position is provided with a slider, and the bottom is provided with a fixing slot for the glass cutting machine.

The fixed seat of the glass cutting machine is connected to the sliding chute, and the glass knife is fixed on the fixed seat of the glass knife by locking screws. The lower end of the block is provided with a metal hose, and the lower side of the metal hose is provided with a dust cover.

There is a control cabinet on one side of the workbench, a control panel on the upper part of the control cabinet, an emergency stop button on the lower side of the control panel, and a controller on the lower side of the emergency stop button. connected.

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