Introducing the Curvature Shaped Four Axis Glass Cutting Machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-15

The curvature special-shaped four-axis glass cutting machine adopts mechanized cutting, which greatly improves the work efficiency. Driven by a stepping motor, the mechanism can cut glass of any shape, and the cutting force always passes through the center of the sphere, which improves the cutting accuracy, cutting quality and product quality.

The curvature special-shaped four-axis glass glass cutting machine includes a frame, a worktable, a rotating support die, a gantry beam, a machine head part, a knife box mounting plate, and the worktable is located above the frame , the gantry beam is located above the working surface, the rotating bracket is located between the working surface and the gantry beam, the machine head is located on the gantry beam, the knife box mounting plate is located under the machine head, and the gantry is located under the working surface.

A stepping motor is installed on the beam, the head and the tool box mounting plate. The universal wheel and the adjusting foot are installed under the frame. The stepping motor installed under the worktable passes through the synchronous belt and the shaft. Drive the rotary support mold to rotate.

The stepping motor installed on the gantry beam moves left and right through the ball screw to drive the head part, and the stepping motor installed on the cutter head drives the tool box mounting plate up and down on the guide rail through the ball screw move, thereby driving the knife box assembly to move up and down.

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